About the Research Center

In the strategic interest of the nation of Israel, the government has announced that research and development of technologies that reduce the use of oil in transportation constitutes a nation-wide task that requires the full exploitation of our nation's intellectual resources. The main components of this program will be to bolster academic research both in infrastructure changes, as well as research into oil substitute materials.


INREP research developments

  • Fuel cells, main electrodes materials and electrolyte systems.

  • Eelectrodes’ materials and catalysts

  • Theoretical studies

  • New analytical tools







INREP seeks to promote the EV technology vital for energy independence. Its goals include:

  • Develop novel and effective power sources for electric vehicles.
  • Coordinate collaboration on EV technologies between academic institutions, industries and start-ups. 
  • Develop and fabricate novel materials of critical importance for new EV power sources. 
  • Promote manufacturing and use of EV power sources in Israel.
  • Create new strategies for complementary power source management.
  • Host educational workshops, conferences and seminars in conjunction with academia and industry.


  • Promoting the research and strengthening research collaborations between its members.
  • Recruitment of new researchers and purchasing the necessary equipment for their projects.
  • Establishment of central research infrastructure for all the Center's members.
  • Promote cooperation between researchers and research institutions in Israel and international institutions.
  • Workshops and uniquely tailored educational programs.
  • Support for research students, research fellows and postdoctoral researchers.



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